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Alcohol 120 is a software that allows to make copies of CDs and DVDs.

CD and DVD discs are not used as much as the past decade, this is due to the ease of access to other storage medias of higher capacity than CDs and DVDs. Despite this, it is convenient to have installed a software that is able to make copies of our CDs and DVDs, so we can create backup copies of our movies and music CDs.

Alcohol 120 is developed to facilitate the copying of CDs and DVDs. For this reason it has the ability to copy copy protected discs such as: SecuROM or SafeDisc. These systems prevent to copy the content from the original CD or DVD to a hard drive or to another CD/DVD. If we are legal owners of of an original CD/DVD with some kind of anticopy system, we will not have to worry about, because with this program we can create backups, either on another CD/DVD, or creating a disc image on the hard disk. Note that this program is not capable of make copies of discs protected with the CSS system (ContentScramble System).

The use of the program is very simple. Making use of the panel located on the left side of the window, we will have access to all the features of the program: create copy from disc to disc, create a image from a disc, create a disc from an image, or create an image from files on our hard drive, and more.
As we see, all of these features allow the manipulation of the data from discs to save it in a proper way. That is to say, we will be able to create images of our movies, music discs, software, etc., and save them in the hard drive. In this way we will avoid possible damage to the original discs, because we can use the images stored in the hard disk in order to reproduce it as if it was the original disc.
Another option is to create an image 1:1, that is to say, an exact copy of the original disc, so we can play the copy, and avoid possible damage to the original disc.

Discs images saved on the hard disk can easily be used thanks to the system of Virtual Drives that in included in the program. A Virtual Drive is a drive that is added to Windows, and that can be accessed from any part of the system: system explorer, other programs, etc. For example, the software will create a drive called J (or any other letter). J drive will be accessible in the same way we access to the Operating System drives C or D. The only difference with a normal unit, it is J only supports Cds/DVDs images.
So, if for example, we have created an image of one of the music CDs from our favorite artist, we will be able to “load” that image in the J Virtual Drive and access it using the Windows media player, to listen the songs as if we were listening to the original CD.
With this program we will be able to create up to 6 Virtual Drives.

The program supports a multitude of disc image formats like: ISO, nrg (Nero), cdi, cue, mds, b5t and more. This means that we will be able to use almost any type of image in the Virtual Drives.
It is possible that we have disc images stored in our hard disk and we don't know where they are. For these cases we can use the disc image search engine that is included in the program, so we only need to select the location where we want to search, and the type of images we want to locate.
We will be able to add the images found to the list of “available images” of the program, and from that list, we will be able to mount the image in a Virtual Drive using the right mouse button.

The program is paid and offer to us a 15 days trial version, so we can test all the functionalities of the program without no type of limitation.


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