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AVG Anti-Virus is an antivirus program that offers a free version to protect the PC against viruses and other threats.

To have installed an anti-virus software is a must on any PC, as it is likely that at some point a file infected with some type of virus, spyware or trojan will enter into our Computer. What is more likely, is that the infected file comes from a web site, or of any file sharing network, or any file that was saved in a CD or USB.

AVG Anti-Virus is a complete solution to fight against computer viruses. Is installed as resident on the PC. This means that the antivirus will be running while we perform any task on the Computer.For example, if we downloaded a file from the Internet, and this has a virus, AVG will automatically detect it and warn us about the danger. The same thing will happen if we receive an email with an infected attachment. In this way we should not manually scan all received files.
This anti-virus monitors PC files, emails sent and received, and data of the web pages we browse. There is also a protection called “Identity Protection” that detects “suspicious” behaviors in applications, and block those applications to avoid possible damage.

In addition to the active virus monitoring, the program allows us to make a manual scan of the PC. This analysis performs a deep scan of all PC files, Windows registry, etc. In this way any type of virus, worm, or trojan that “dwell” on our PC, will be detected and removed.
All the actions that we perform with the anti-virus will be stored in report history. These reports will be accessible at any time, so that we can see at wich time it was detected a virus, or when was the last update.

This anti-virus is highly configurable, although with the options that comes by default, this will be sufficient for the vast majority of users.
The program is updated automatically, although we can force the known virus database to be updated at any time.

We offer the FREE version, with the basic tools for the protection of PCS against viruses.
The use of this program is oriented exclusively to domestic users. Businesses and professional users need to purchase PRO version to be able to make use of this anti-virus.

In the market there are a plenty of anti-virus solutions, and many of them offer a free version with basic functions that may be sufficient for a large number of users. The best way to choose an anti-virus, is to download free version and try it.

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