BitTorrent is the official client of the file sharing network BitTorrent.

We must differentiate between BitTorrent network, and the client with the same name. The network is a set of standards and protocols that make it possible to share files. The client is the program that can be downloaded on the computer and use it to share files with other users. There are many clients to connect to BitTorrent network, in this case we will analyze the “official” client that has the same name as the file sharing network.

To be able to use this program, we must search for files with .torrent extension. For example, there are web pages that allow users to download video games demos. These demos tend to be downloaded via BitTorrent network. To be able to download video game “demo”, we need to download .torrent file from web pages, and then open that file with the BitTorrent program. Once the file is opened, the video game demo download will start automatically and will be stored on our PC.

Unlike other file-sharing networks, this network doesn't include a file search engine. To search for files we must use specialized torrent web pages. We can set up different torrent search providers, and look for files using those search providers, although the results will open in the web browser.

We can add RSS files that contain .torrent files, this makes it much easier to download new files in which we are interested.

BitTorrent network stands out for its download speed and ease of configuration, since we only need to install the client and add .torrent files. It's not necessary to open any additional ports in the router. The only step we need to do, is check the “Add Windows Firewall exception” when the program is installed.

This software is free but it provides a PRO version with some improvement: doesn't display advertisements, built-in virus protection, HD media player built-in, file converter and built-in remote control of files.

When we install the free version, we should be careful, since the program installs by default a number of additional items that are unnecessary for the proper functioning of the program, and which can be very annoying for the end user.When we are installing the program, we must click on the “Decline Offer” (in the screen “Free Search Offer”) to prevent “Spigot's Search Protection” installation.On the screen “PC Utilities Pro” we have choose “Don't Accept” and press on “Finish” button.In this way we will install BitTorrent program avoiding annoying and unwanted software.

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