Combat Arms

Combat Arms is a free online action game in which the main objective is to structure soldiers' teams among the registered players to complete missions.

The game’s graphic aspect is one of the greatest characteristics for all gamers, considering that this kind of online playing software have not had good critics regarding to its easiness to play and interface.

In Combat Arms, each "shooter" will be able to select its favourite weapon within a quite selective quantity available, with great similarity to the real ones. An arsenal of warlike devices is the ideal partner for each soldier; in this game each player will be able to choose smoke bombs, fragmentation grenades, binoculars, knives, bazookas, night and thermal vision glasses, several models of guns, machine guns, and more.

Not everything is war in Combat Arms: The close relationship built between the same team’s online users will create a social bond, responsibility and strategies set-up will very surely take the members of each team to a collective victory.

Combat Arms is, in synthesis, a revolutionary game that will, for sure, maintain us in front of the screen many hours a week, trying to complete the nominated missions in favour of our team and squadron partners.

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