ComboFix is an extremely powerful free program that protects your computer from harmful software.

What ComboFix does is to delete spyware files and malicious software from your computer. It scans your computer’s operating system and cleans it from spywares, malwares, trojans and several kinds of virus.

ComboFix is so powerful that people familiarized with it are recommended for its use and installation. In other words, if you have never installed and used a program of this kind, it would be better for you to ask for help because your PC’s functioning might be affected by an incorrect installation of ComboFix.

As a precautionary measure, before beginning to install ComboFix, it is advisable to close all the active windows of the Internet browser and to close or deactivate the antivirus or firewall programs in the computer. Moreover, it is advisable not to use the computer while ComboFix is running in it.

ComboFix generates a system restoration point in case any problem arises when using the program and it becomes necessary to step back. Also, ComboFix will automatically disconnect itself from all Internet connection in order to analyze the system, and will later restore said connection in a normal way.

When ComboFix has finished it will close automatically and will generate a report record with the information that it has found while scanning the computer, as well as with the spyware files and virus that it has put in quarantine.

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