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DVD Shrink allows to make backups of movies on DVD.

If we have a DVD movies collection, it's desirable to preserve them in a more lasting physical support. A great option is to store a DVD copy on the hard disk. We may think that simply draging and dropping DVD's contents to the hard disk is enough, but this is not so. In many cases, DVD movies bring a copy protection that prevents copying the content of a DVD to a hard drive, so we will need a specialized software to be able to make a DVD copy.

DVD Shrink is presented as a highly recommended tool to make backup copies of DVD movies, as it allows to skip copy protection system, compresses movie's image with no quality loss, and gives us the possibility to select those menus, scenes and audio tracks we want to keep.

The option of selecting items that we want to “rip”, makes the movies take up less space on the hard disk, and therefore we can dump more movies in the same storage medium. For example, many of the films come with several audio tracks in different languages, so we can select only those audio tracks corresponding to our language. We can also remove DVD's extra scenes and therefore saves more space.

We can also create a DVD from several movies. That is to say, we can choose several scenes of one film, several scenes of another film, and place all them together on the same DVD.

This software is stopped developing in the year 2004, so there will be protection systems that can't be avoided with this program. Otherwise, the program continues to be fully functional and can be installed on all Windows versions. The program is free.

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