FileZilla is an advanced free cross-platform FTP manager.

FTP acronym means File Transfer Protocol. When we say “upload file to FTP”, we are referring to upload a file to a server that understands and communicates via the FTP protocol. FTP servers are used to store files, and are widely used in the Web page development world.

FileZilla makes it easy to upload files to FTP servers, since it has a simple and functional graphic interface. All the configuration and file transfer can be done without having to type a single command in the console.

First thing we need to do is add FTP sites that we are going to use. We can add FTP and SFTP servers. SFTP refers to SSH FTP, and is the recommended method for accessing FTP servers, because the transfer of the files will be encrypted. We must type the typical data needed to carry out the connection: server, port, user, password, etc.

An interesting option is the possibility of defining the “default local directory” and “default remote directory”. This option makes that file browser automatically changes to default directory when the connection to FTP server is established. In addition, we can sync” navigation. This means that if the local system access to “httpdocs” directory, the program will automatically change to “httpdocs” directory in remote FTP, making it very easy the process of copying files between local machine and the remote server.

Once we connect to FTP server, we will see that the file navigator is divided into two panels. First panel allows to navigate through remote FTP server directories, and the other panel allows to navigate through local system directories. This way copying and moving files between mahcines is as easy as selecting the files and drag them to the panel. The program shows copying progress in the bottom of the window.

In some situations it may useful to preserving files modification/creation date. With this program we can activate the corresponding option and preserve file dates.

Another interesting and useful option is the ability to limit download and upload speed. In this way copying process doesn't interfere with our normal activity on the Internet. It is common that when we upload a file to FTP, it flood upload bandwidth and we aren't able to browse the Internet, so to enable this option is highly recommended.

The program has an active development, and therefore, are updated frequently. We can check if there is new updates selecting the option in menu.

This software is free, open source and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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