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Glary Utilities is an application that integrates several tools, it is a powerful and of easy usage application that will allow you to correct mistakes in order to increase the prosecution speed, to maintain and to protect your computer.

Glary Utilities can clean the system files that no longer serve, and also the obsolete or corrupt registration entrances, or sailing rakes of Internet.

Use this tool to administrate and to eliminate complements of the browser, to analyze the usage of the space in your hard disk, and to detect duplicated files.

If you want to carry out a more exhaustive maintenance, Glary Utilities will also help you to see and to organize the installed extensions, to calculate your private files and to divide big files in small parts that you will be able to unite whenever you need it.

Also, Glary Utilities includes options to optimize the use of the memory, to find and to correct or to eliminate shortcuts that does not work, to administrate the programs that are executed when Windows starts and uninstall the applications that no longer serve you.

If you are not still sure of the utility of this program, Glary Utilities has also a function of security erased of files, and a searcher of empty portfolios.All the tools of Glary Utilities are quickly runned from an extremely simple and friendly interface.

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