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HotspotShield is an application that protects your computer when you connect to WiFi or a LAN.

We currently use the laptop in many places and connect to the Internet through connections without knowing if they are safe. When we are in an airport, at certain points of the city, in a bar, a library or a hotel looking for open networks to connect to the Internet but it can not always be safe.

HotspotShield protects your computer in these cases there may be intrusions through these networks, since they are vulnerable to hackers.

HotspotShield, as well as protect your computer from malicious intrusions, offers limited shuttle service, so it also protects your privacy.

What makes HotspotShield is to create a virtual private network that encrypts and protects data traffic, such as the ones you send as thosewho you get; in emails, instant messaging, online forms and shopping.

It is an essential tool if you do not know the bank, and security of the network you're connected to.

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