ImgBurn can be used to make copies of data discs (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), and save them on the hard disk or other disk.

Due to the deterioration suffered by data discs (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), we must take caution and make backup copies of these discs, in such a way that we store discs backup in a storage medium that is more durable, as for example a hard disk. The exact disc copies stored on the hard disk, are called images. These images contain all the data from the original disc and we can burn it to a disc at any time.

ImgBurn creates data disc images and saved it in the hard disk. So we just need to insert the disc for which we want to make the backup, and click on “Create image file from disc” button.
On the creation disk screen, we can choose file name, file format (.iso, .img, .bin), and read speed of the disc drive.

With this program we can also burn images to a disc (CD/DVD/Blu-ray). The program supports a multitude of images formats, among others: BIN, CUE, IMG, ISO, NRG, etc. Also we can create discs from files on our hard drive, so we can create a CD, DVD or Blu-ray data by dragging the files and directories we want to save on that data disc.
We can even create disc images from files and directories from the hard disk. That is to say, we will create an .iso file (or other format), using as a source files and directories from the hard disk. This .iso file can be saved to a disc at any time.

We can also create Audio CDs from any audio file: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc.

The program allows us to check the status of a disc, in this way we will know if the disc is in good condition, or should we perform a backup as soon as possible. We can check the status of a disc comparing it with the image of the same, in this way, if the program detects any difference between the two, it will alert us.
In addition, the program can burn a CD that allows us to check the state of the quality of the copies made by our disc burner. Created CD can be analyzed with the software DVDInfoPro, that will inform us about the CD copied quality.

User interface is very simple. In the main screen we have 6 buttons with the main operations that can be performed with the program. We can also access to these options from the top menu, where we will also have access to the tools and configuration menu.

The program emits a characteristic sound each time they finish to perform an operation. This sound can be changed in the program settings.

This software is not updated very often (once a year or less). We still have the option of checking automatically for the new software updates, in such a way that we don't have to be aware of when a new update is released.

At the time of installing the program we need to uncheck two checkboxes if we want to avoid installing unwanted programs.

In “Install Condiut Search Protect” screen, we have to select “custom (advanced)” and uncheck the check box for “Install Search Protect and defines my home page...”, then press “Next >”.On the “Installed Optimicer Pro” screen, we must uncheck the check box “I Agree to the terms conditions of use and the privacy policy Optimizer Pro...”, and press “Next >

The program is free and compatible with the latest Windows versions.

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