Metin2 is a multiplayer online role game in which you have to raise the levels of your character.

Metin2 is located at the medieval East. Your aim is to fight against the Metin Stones and to join the different regions of the continent in just a single empire. You could choose among different characters: Warrior, Sura, Shaman, Ninja.

In Metin2 you could be part of Guilds and Groups. You will earn higher levels faster if you belong to a group. Little by little you will have to overcome missions to get higher levels and to buy better weapons, potions, magics, spells, etc.

Metin2 is an excellent online role game that highlights because of its precise graphics and the lot of possibilities it provides. An extra point, it is free, so the only thing you have to do to play Metin2 is register yourself as member at its web

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