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Firefox, or Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser which is notable for the large amount of functionality that implements and web standards compliance.

Without a doubt, the world of browsers has changed substantially in the last ten years, which is the number of years that since Firefox was launched. When this browser was released in 2002, under the name of Phoenix, the most used browser at that time was Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Today, the dominance of Internet Explorer is not so, and the Firefox name is at the top of the table of most commonly used browsers worldwide. This position is not accidental, since it has earned to occupy that position.

This browser stands out by its ease of use, thanks to the use of tabs, and its speed of loading and good management of resources of the computer. Gone are the times, in which early versions of the browser consumed large amounts of resources. In addition to include the most basic features of a browser, we will have thousands of extensions (add-ons), which extend the capability of the browser. For example, we can install extensions for web development (like firebug), that will allow us to have an ideal web debug environment. Or we can take screenshots of web page we are visiting, and save it to hard drive. Or download videos from sites like Youtube or Vimeo. And one infinite number of possibilities offered by the extensions.

Because the browser complies with the strictest web standards, we can enjoy websites such as designers want to be seen. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, do not respect web standards and may show elements on the web incorrectly, thus contributing to frustration, both users and web developers.

The browser is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, so we can enjoy it on virtually any device. 


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