Photoshop is the leading editing images and retouching photos software.

This program does not require presentation, because for many years it has been the most widely used software by digital image editing professionals and amateurs. After more than 20 years in the market, Photoshop has become, in its own right, in the photo editing Software of reference for Mac and Windows users. Much has passed since its launch in February 1990, and many innovations and features have been added over the years.

Thanks to its powerful tools we can make any retouching or manipulation on the selected picture. We can make a simple task like remove red eye from a photo, to complex editing using masks, filters, effects and various plugins.

Thanks to its well structured interface and quick access keys, we can make efficient use of the program and access to the multitude of options quickly. If we want to use this software in its full potential, we will need to make use of a pen tablet to be able to make a more intuitive editing.

Photoshop is used in virtually any magazine or newspaper to enhance and improve the images. Sometimes edits in Photoshop don't go as one wants and occur what is known as Photoshop Disasters, where you can observe a clear manipulation of the exposed image.

You can download Photoshop demo so you can try it and make use of it for a limited time. 

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