Picasa is a photographs and image viewer, which allows an advanced classification and organization of photos.

Thanks to the ease of taking pictures with mobile phones, the number of pictures stored on computers is growing.
Organize photos in folders it is something simple, but if we want to do advanced searches of the photos, or browse them as a photo album, we should have a software that allows us to catalog and classify the photographs of our PC.

Picasa scans computer hard disk too find all types of images. Once the images are found, we can see a list of all directories that contain images. If we click on any directory, it will show the thumbnail of images located in that directory.
If we prefer, we can configure the program to only scan “My Pictures” folder, because maybe this folder is the only one that contains images of our interest.

Folders scanned by the program will be monitored, so if we add any new image or photo to these folders, the program will automatically update the list of images contained by those folders.
The program creates a default Album labeled “Recently Updated”, which contains the images or pictures that have been added or modified recently.

The program allows us to tag and recognize faces of the people that appear in the photos, in this way, by clicking on the name of a person, we will be able to see all the photos in which appears.

If we have Google Earth software installed, we can use the option “Geotags with Google Earth”, and locate the photo in the place it was taken. In this way we can travel using Google Earth map and see the photos that were taken in the location we are navigating.

We can add tags to all our photos, so if we click on any tag, all the photos with that tag will be listed. It's a great way to order and classify our photos.

We can create photo albums easily. We just need to assign a name to the Album, and select the photos we want to include in it. This is very useful if we want to have pictures in separate folders on the hard disk, but at the same time, we want to display them together. For example, in the hard disk we have two directories: “Ibiza 2014 Photos John Camera” and “Ibiza 2014 Photos Peter Camera”. So we will know what pictures are taken with John's camera and which other are taken with Peter's camera. However, in Picasa, we can create a new album called “Ibiza 2014 Photos” that includes all the photographs of both cameras.

We can create slideshows with photos contained in directories and albums. So we just need to press the “Play” button that is located below the name of the albums or directories.
In addition, we can create video presentations using the photos contained in folders or albums. By clicking on the button “Create a video presentation”, a screen appears in which we can choose the type of transition that will be shown between each image, background music, resolution and the list of images that will appear in the presentation.
We can create a video or upload the result directly to YouTube.

Another feature that stands out is the possibility to create “photo collage”. Just have to press on the button “Create a photo collage” and it will display an image with all the photos in the folder or album, overlapping each other. We can use the “collage” that is created by default, or change the position of the photos in the “collage”. We can save the “collage” as an image or as a desktop background.

The program also allows us to apply tweaks and filters to images and photographs. Some of the tweaks that can be applied are: crop, straighten, remove red-eye, correct color and brightness, add text, repair any flaws, and adjust the ambient light in the photo.
Some of the filters that we can apply to our photos are: sepia, black-and-white, blur, saturation, style, HDR, heat map, invert colors, cinemascope, smooth, pixelate, polaroid, comics, and more.

When the program is installed, there are two options selected by default that we must review: “Set Google as your default search engine in Internet Explorer” and “Send anonymous usage statistics to Google”.

As we can see, thanks to Picasa we will have a place in which to organize and catalog our photos, and also make small tweaks to the photos without needing other photo editor software. The software is free and is available for Windows and Mac.

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