Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a different application that offers a different way of watching television by internet, offering more than one possibility to your resting moments.

This way, with Readon TV Movie Radio Player you could watch every wide world channel that you can imagine, satellite television or important channels known all over the world and in all languages, so we have many options for never stop using this application. But that is not all; we can also watch movies in all formats and kinds, as well as sport channels and radio through internet.

All these possibilities exist since Readon TV Movie Radio Player uses the most recent technologies in data transmission, since it uses what is known as “TV over IP”, which guarantees the fluidity of many videos, because it depends on the number of users that are watching and so sharing this sign of radio or television.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player functions in its interface increases as we investigate de application, this way it will be very interesting for the user to know that he can record audio from some radio station in MP3 format as video from a television channel in ASF format.


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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8



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