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Revo Uninstaller is the most powerful uninstalling tool for any software type or malicious programs installed without authorization.

The comparative advantage to the typical Add or remove Windows programs is that no application will be able to escape from the uninstall process with this magnificent computer’s security assistant.

Revo Uninstaller will not only erase the annoying programs, or those we no longer use, but rather it will also eliminate all rake left in any file, memory or registrations.
With the magnificent list of all the programs installed in the computer, Revo Uninstaller maintains the total control of all "uninstall" files and it also optimizes starting up Windows when erasing all temporary and "garbage" files.

The simple user`s interface and great variety of languages as in operations window as well in the support, it will reduce the search time of files you want to eliminate completely of the system.

For cases which the programs to eliminate are not in Revo Uninstaller’s list, but it exists in our PC, an essential tool has been created: "Hunting Way" or "Hunting Files" that it is the mechanism that activates the files uninstalling with a simple click on the destination file.

The stability, velocity and power of Revo Uninstaller are the tools every Windows’ user should consider to acquire. An extra advantage: The software, support and all the mentioned characteristics, they are 100% free!

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