RuneScape is a MMORPG, implemented in java, which allows the option of playing with a free or payed account.

All we need to play RuneScape is having a web browser and the latest version of the java virtual machine installed, or if we wish, it also offers the option of downloading an open code client, with which we can avoid using a browser and having java installed in our computer.

The differences between the free or payed account come from how many hours of available games (5.000 to 25.000 hours), the size of the world we could be able to access, the possibility of extinguishing advertising in the page, more space in our bank, more adventures available to play, etc.

In RuneScape we can create our totally customized avatar and chose its destiny, interacting with other players, fighting, selling, developing its skills, and if we decide for the free account we will always have the possibility of converting it into a payed one latter, accessing all extra features.

RuneScape world is composed by regions, cities and island, inside of which you could be able to move searching for adventures that provide experience to improve the skills, gold or any other reward, according to your goals, even cooperating with other players or exploring on your own. You decide your destiny!

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