SharePod is a file to iPod, iPhone devices, in which will be possible to make all changes you wish to your music, like adding, eliminating, adding, etc.

With SharePod, it is possible to transfer from your computer to the device and vice versa, it is very simple to use and it can read any kind of information you have in your iPod: music, videos, images, play lists, etc.

SharePod is the ideal tool to a great iPod use. The best is that is not necessary installing it to your computer, it is enough connecting your iPod and running it so it performs its functions: This is maybe one of its greatest features, since we don’t have to waste time in installing/uninstalling, and nether worry about computer’s disk space.

Other SharePod feature is that is a simple and quick tool to change whatever you want to in your device.

The best of SharePod is being able to use it without needing to go through iTunes or other complicated program; this is the program you need to make your iPod or iPhone an excellent and funny music and video player.

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