Skype is a VoIP software used to make phone calls and communicate via voice, for free, over the Internet.

This popular program allows us to make free calls between users who have installed the program on their PC, tablet or mobile phone. It also allows us to communicate via instant messaging and making free video calls between Skype users. To communicate by voice with other users we must download the program, register on their website and have a microphone on our device or PC. Another feature of this software is the possibility of doing conferences, with up to 25 people at same time, or make HD group video calling (only for users Premium).

One of the great features of Skype is that it allows us to make calls to phone numbers (fixed and mobile) from around the world. To make such calls we should buy Skype credits, they will be consumed according to the minutes of calls that we make. The prices are very competitive and the sound quality is usually very good.

The program was launched in 2003, so it has been more than 10 years in the market. The creators were the same people who developed the Kazaa file sharing p2p software. Skype client-server uses a mixture of p2p communication protocol and the client-server protocol. So in addition to using their own servers to enable communication between customers, also used a small part of the bandwidth from customers who have opened the program, thus achieving a more stable and better communication. As we have mentioned, the p2p technology is one of the main components of the Software, and can be seen reflected in the program's name: Skype, which comes from joining Sky and peer.

The success of Skype is justified since it has allowed better global communication at very low prices, even free prices for calls between users of the Skype service. 

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