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SoulSeek is a file sharing software that is specialized in indie and alternative music style.

At this moment there are a multiple file sharing software to share files between Internet users, each of these software has a number of features that make it unique and different from others. In the case of SoulSeek what makes it unique is the community of users that use it, and the kind of files that are shared on the network.

Despite the fact that we can share all kind of files (audio, video, documents, etc.), the highest percentage of files that are shared in this network are audio files. And the audio files styles that are most shared are those alternative, and very often those music files can be shared legally because they are distributed under a license that allows it. Thanks to that we can find a great variety of music and musical groups.

The installation of the program is easy. The only thing that we have to take into account is that if we want to download faster, we need to open the TCP port 50824 (or the one we set in the options).

When we started SoulSeek the first thing that shows up is a window that asks for an username and password to gain access to file sharing network. We must select a name and password that is not being used. If we select a user name that is already being used, the program will display the following error message: “Login failed: The password you provided does not match the user name. Please change your sign-on settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting”. If you see this message, you should change user name. The user name that we chose is not reserved indefinitely, if we do not use the program for 30 days, the user name will be free and may be used by another person with a different password.

To discover and download music, we should use the search function, but we can also use the chat rooms to discover new songs and styles. These chat rooms are classified mainly by styles of music: indie, ambient, drum and base, techno, etc. Here we will find users who are interested in such music styles, and with which we can engage in a conversation, or we can explore the files that they share. Thanks to this, it will be easy to find songs of a particular style, because once we are exploring the files of a user, we only need to click with the right mouse button on the song or folder that we want to download, and click on “Download File(s)/Download Folder(s)”.

If we search for a file and we don't obtain any result, there is the possibility to add this search to a “wish list”. In this way, if the software detects a user who has files that match the search, we will be informed so that we can download the desired files.

The software is free and accept donations. If we make a donation, our user name will be permanent and will not be deleted, in addition we will have preference in the download queue over users who have not made a donation.

The program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 8.1, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2003, Ubuntu, Ubuntu 64 bits, Intel Mac OS X 64 bits



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