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Sound Forge is an digital audio editor focused on the professional market and with great editing capabilities.

This program has been in the market more than 18 years, so we are talking about a veteran in the digital sound editing world. It started as a tool for Windows, and is currently available for Windows and Mac. During all these years, the program has evolved and adapted to the needs demanded by the sound editing users.

We can say that Sound Forge includes virtually all the tools needed to edit and create audio files. Its interface is quite simple, consisting of a main screen, and a toolbar and menu at the top.
The files that we are editing (as we can edit several files at a time) will be displayed on the main screen. Each audio file is represented by a wave of audio that serves as a guide when it comes to cuts, apply effects, reduce the volume, etc. The use of the audio waveform editor is very intuitive, allowing us to perform basic tasks without having to read any help. You will be able: to zoom, select the exact area, place the marker at the right point, etc. So even someone who used it for the first time, can start to make more or less complex edits in an hour or less.

One of the most notable features, is the amount of plugins and effects that can can be applied to audio files. In addition to having a lot, we have the possibility to combine them to form a completely new sound effect. Some of the effects and plugins that we can use are: distortion, reverb, tremolo and vibrato, pitch modifier, and more. This is only a small sample of all the plugins catalog available for this audio editor.

Of course the program supports the vast majority audio formats of the market, such as: mp3, wav, ogg, wav, wma, etc. We can even open videos of different formats, and edit the audio track. Some of the supported video formats are: avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, wmv and more. You can choose an existing file or create a new one using any device to record the external sound.

These are just some of the features of this magnificent Software. If you want to check its potential, the best is to download demo version, and try it.
Thanks to Sony Sound Forge, we can concentrate on creative work and set aside the problems with the interface or the use, since the learning curve is very small.

In the beginning was developed and created by Sonic Foundry company, which in 2003 was acquired by Sony, taking the rights to use and continue developing Sonic Foundry products.

You can download demo for 30 days to test the functionality of the program. The demo is fully functional, which means that, during those 30 days, you can use the program without any limitations. 

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