TORCS is conduction game recommended for speed lovers that has high format realistic component.

The Open Racing Car Simulator has all wanted characteristics by races car players completely adaptive to our delights. Among the most representative advantages in the game we can observe:

  1. Great variety of circuits and automobiles.
  2. Categories of such racers as Nascar, Formula 1, Rally, among others.
  3. Multiple cameras configurable for each career.
  4. Realism as for damages of the automobile in cases of accidents and crashes.
  5. Real rules of each category.
  6. Several possibilities of careers between those we can choose championship, quick races, challenges and training.
  7. Excellent sound quality.
  8. Easy manoeuvres control.

Choosing a car in TORCS is the possibility that we have to prove different races categories and thanks to the handling configuration option, we can adapt it according to our necessities or conduction experience.

TORCS is compatible to play with a PC steering wheel, which will make our experience and simulation quite attractive for our eyes.

We have the option of consenting to TORCS Racing Board where after creating an automobile or driving robot, we can compete with other net users online. This could become our favourite hobby and maybe take us to the first positions in the world classification races. To accomplish it we have real time upgrades of the finished, lost, and won races as well as the classification positions, records and more that you will be able to observe from an internet page marked out in the game.

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Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Me, Ubuntu, Intel Mac OS X


Open Source


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