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Urban Terror is a first person shooter(FPS), developed from Quake III through a series of evolutions over time, starting from the simple modification of introducing new maps for the game, to the conception of a version with its own identity, with features and functionalities developed exclusively.

Urban Terror is distinguished by its approach to the real world, due to its scenarios, armaments and accessories, all of them created to resemble as faithfully as possible its real characteristics.

Although it is free, Urban Terror does not have to envy anything from commercial games of the same genre, because it counts on multiple characteristics at their same level.

In Urban Terror we can find different game modes, from the most classic ones like 'catching the flag' or 'teams death duel' to others like 'follow the leader', with which we can find the one that best fits our game style and that way enjoy to the maximum.

As far as playing is concerned, we have to say that the games are very sanguinary and the odds infinite. We can make multiple displacements, laying on the walls, jumping over other players, grabbing the edges, kicking, etc. and all this backed up additionally by a very complete armament, with primary and secondary weapons, pistols, grenades and lot of equipment that gives us extra functionalities through the accessories they incorporate.

The weapons included in Urban Terror reproduce quite realistically their characteristics and have different ways of shooting in function of the type, it be could automatic, semiautomatic or burst. If you are a fan of first person shooters do not wait one more second, download the game, prepare your arsenal and whip your enemies off from the scenarios.


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Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Ubuntu, Intel Mac OS X



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