VirtualBox is a program to creat virtual machines in the PC and run any OS in those machines.

With VirtualBox you can have various Pc features in only one. You don’t have to worry of the OS intalation. With the program you can create different virtual machines to install in the OS.

You may install Linux, Mac Os X, Windows Vista, Windows XP or any other OP.

VirtualBox use is simple. You install the program and create de virtual machines. The PC of the installation is called the Host and the virtual machines are called the Guests.

The machines can communicate with the Host and take part of the net, so you can share files between the Host and the invited machines.

VirtualBox open an infinite possibilities at the time of mount a server. It can be the server and the client running at the same time in only one PC, without wasting time or money in a new machine. VirtualBox may prove diferents OS without any fear of damaging.

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Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows Me, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu, Intel Mac OS X, Ubuntu 64 bits


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