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VLC is a media player that plays all types of video and audio files.

It is a long time since Microsoft Windows Media Player was the most popular media player. Currently there are a multitude of media players that outperform Windows Media Player. Despite its popularity, Windows Media Player is not the most advanced media player more in its category, so it is good to use other alternative better developed.

VLC software is a powerful multimedia player, which is able to play video file and music without having to install any additional codec, which makes it perfect to install and use without any extra configuration. This ease of use, has made this multimedia player one of the most popular software within its category. This is not casual, because in addition to its ease of use, added to the low use of PC resources, allows this software to be installed on any type of machine, either actual, or older.

This lightweight player, supports a wide variety of input formats such as: DVD Video, SVCD, Digital TV VCD, etc. Emphasizes the ability to play the file directly from the web: HTTP, FTP, UDP, RTP, etc., This allows us, for example, enter a Youtube URL and view it from VLC, being able to apply all the features available in this software. For example, we can easily capture an image of a Youtube video thanks to the support of video production through HTTP protocol.

About video and audio formats support, we can say that this program supports almost any multimedia format. We can mention some of them: DivX, MPEG 1-2-3, H. 261, MKV, Real Video, MP3, MIDI, DTS, and many others.

This program comes with a number of features that make it highly recommended. For example automatically supports subtitles, without having to configure anything in the options menu. It also supports multiple audio tracks on videos, so if we're watching a movie that contains different languages audio tracks, we can change from one language to another with a simple combination of keys or using the mouse.

The simplicity of use of this software does not necessarily imply that it is a simple software, on the contrary, as it have a multitude of options that we can configure to suit our taste. By default it shows a basic configuration with a few options that we can modify. If we want to, we can display the advanced settings and see all the available options.

For those who like to “play” with the image of the videos, this software has some filters and effects that allow us to modify the video in several ways: adjusting hue, brightness, contrast, sepia, color threshold, rotate, etc. One of the effects that draw the most attention, is the one that allows us to convert the video image into a puzzle, where each piece of the puzzle is a piece of video, and we will be able to move the pieces to solve the puzzle. Another interesting filter is the one that displays the video in ASCII format, getting this way a very particular image.

Of course we can also modify audio filters and modify: bass, treble, mids, etc.

Without a doubt, this software, which began as a university project, it has become one of the most widely used media players in the world, and this is due to the large number of integrated features, its ease of use and the price, which is free. In addition it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux Computers.


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