WinRAR is a classical compression and decompression software that supports .rar files and other formats.

File Compression is a mechanism used to reduce file size without data loss. Over the years have erupted many compression and decompression formats. RAR format is one of the first formats that have emerged and today is still quite widely used. RAR format encrypt compressed files, as well as including redundant data in the compressed files, to enable data recovery in case of error in the support where the .rar files have been copied.

WinRAR allows the creation of .rar files easily. We can create a single .rar file, or divide the compressed files in different volumes, to send it easily via email or upload them to any server on the Internet. We can also create auto extracted compressed files, so we don't need to unzip them, all we have to do is run the .exe file.
As well as .rar files, WinRAR can extract other types of files, such as: ZIP, TAR, JAR, ARJ, 7z, ACE, ISO and more.

This software was released nearly 20 years ago, in 1995 as a 16-bit Windows 3.x operating systems software. This program has been developed by two brothers: Eugene Roshal and Alexander Roshal. The name of the program is composed of the word Win (refers to Windows) and RAR that refers to Roshal ARchive (Roshal is the surname of the software developers brothers).

This is paid sofware and we cn download demo version that allows full use for 40 days. After these 40 days we must buy license code to be able to continue using it. 

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