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Adobe AIR is a multi-platform execution environment that allows you to create desktop applications and that these applications work hard on your computer.

Adobe AIR is a platform that enables the creation of desktop applications that run on most operating systems. It works with Flash codes, Actionscript, HTML or JavaScript to generate content or utilities. Thus, with an operational website you can create an application to enter the contents of this page from the equipment’s desktop.

The advantage of Adobe AIR is that as every day will increasingly become more popular, once installed in the computer it works for all applications simultaneously. That is, once the program is installed it supports all programs that are made ​​under its technology. Increasingly more applications use AIR technology, such as file exchange programs, video and software viewers, to manage the publication on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

If you do not have Adobe AIR installed, it can be downloaded from the Adobe official website, or when running the installation of a new program, the installer will also offer to run AIR.

Adobe AIR is completely free and run applications created with it even without an Internet connection because it does not require a browser to run.