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BearFlix is an extremely speedy application to down load on-line videos in a no cost way that offers access to thousands of files in the Web.

With BearFlix can be carried out different kind of search to find the video that you want to download quick search, deep search and precision search, according to the parameters that you specify.

BearFlix has been optimized to download small and also great size files, because it has an automatic mechanism that allows to continue the discharge processes that have been interrupted voluntary or unwittingly.

The user interface of BearFlix is simple and intuitive, specially designed to download videos. It also includes a group of commands so the parents can restrict the type of accessible videos for the different users of the computer.

If you are worry for you computer security, your system will be protected because BearFlix has an automatic protection system against virus and malicious codes.

The characteristics mentioned previously, combined with their easiness use and installation, converts BearFlix into the favorite tool of discharges for thousands users that use it everyday.