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Defraggler is a free program to defragment our disks and files in an effective and fast way.

If any time you thought, as it has happened to me, that a big amount of files caused a slow functioning of your computer, be the sure that Defraggler will make the whole defragment work in the disks in a flash.

Another advantage of Defraggler is that we can just select a file and "settle it" to gain space and like this avoid to begin the defragment process of hundreds of hard disk files accomplishing that, the time of the task to accomplish can be reduced in more than 90%.
When I found out about Defraggler, i did a test to prove that its speed is the one expected: - In less than 5 minutes it had totally defrag one of my hard disks. If you are also tired of the regular defrag that we all know for its slowness, Defraggler will make your life a little easier.

Next, I will show you what I found out about this program:

  • Even being a potent program, its size is really compact.
  • It is totally free.
  • The big files can be excluded to be analysed from the options’ menu.
  • It is possible to defrag the USB storage components memory space without any problem.

What are you waiting for downloading this program that will for sure avoid further headaches?

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