Dragon Ball Arcade

Dragon Ball Arcade


Dragon Ball Arcade is a game as its own name says that is part of Arcade style.

The series that has made history worldwide with Anime, Dragon Ball, this time comes in a very funny and entertained computer game, in which your main goal is pass the different levels, eliminating all robots that goes out on the screen, which would attack you, obviously you will attack them too, with your character that is Goku, you will be able to attack with fire powers and three special powers to destroy the most powerful enemies that appear in Dragon Ball Arcade.

Its installation is quick and simple. Once installed, it will show you different icons in the desktop: one from Softendo Games World, which is the supplier of the game and in the other hand the icon of Dragon Ball Arcade, or the game. When clicking in the icon, it will open a window in a great size in which you could start the game.

This game’s menu offers the basic options: Start Game, Options, More Free Games, Exit, among others.

One of the features of Dragon Ball Arcade is that the game’s window doesn’t take to many space on the screen, as usually happens with the video games; its window is like any other application’s one, with the possibility of maximizing it.

The last thing to say is that with Dragon Ball Arcade, you will spend several hours in front of the computer trying to eliminate your enemies, since it offers a great level of entertainment.

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Operating Systems
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me