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Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus is a game originated in the television series Dragon Ball, which premiered in 1996. You can download the program free, zipped, unzip it and have fun with it on your computer.

It is a simple game and easy to use so you do not need prior knowledge to run it. Anyway, Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus includes a user manual in PDF and in English, in case you need to check it out.

From the beginning Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus, which is in Spanish and English, it shows the combat options: you can choose to play a single battle with one of the characters, a sequence of battles in different sagas or playing online with any other player in the world that is connected this internet game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plusincludes all the characters from the original series and you'll find all the five series that offers the game. In recreating fighting individual battles that depict stories of the series and will choose the Goku costume you want to dress in every fight. As you progress through the game, characters you'll face in the next levels are being unlocked.

In Dragon Ball Z Budokai X Plus you'll refresh Goku fights against their enemies using flying kicks, powerful jumps, fists and master punches, and various weapons in bulk.