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FreeOrion is a quite singular strategy video game, because it is developed in an unusual atmosphere in the video games world like the infinite Universe.

If you are a lover of the whole topic of the stars, galaxies, constellations, etc. as ,much as the video games, FreeOrion is the perfect entertainment for you.

In this strategy video game you will have to carry out, to create and to direct an empire of colonies and space ships, maintaining some solid tactics to have as a final result, a victorious departure. In FreeOrion you will have to conquer the different planetary systems and to investigate new technologies to advance in this aspect avoiding your enemy to take advantage from you.

FreeOrion can be perfectly compared with strategy video games located in the earth, since you will have to go feeding from technology and advance to all your empire, to create colonies, ships and until buildings, all these combined with natural and human resources.

When beginning the game you will have to develop the game randomly in an elected atmosphere, however, you will have the possibility to choose or to build one, indicating the different space characteristic as the number of stars, the density of the planets and even its age.

In short, the characteristics that surround FreeOrion are numerous and make it an excellent and amusing strategy video game, quite appropriate for the fans of this gender.

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