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          Glee Karaoke is an application to sing songs in karaoke mode only available for iPhone and iPad.

          Glee is a television show in the United States that emits the Fox and has gained a significant following. In 2013, this musical comedy in its fourth season and expect two more. All music composed for this series can hear and sing in Glee Karaoke.

          Glee registered more than 36 million songs sold through Internet and eleven million albums, which explains the magnitude of the phenomenon Glee. All these digital singles, the songs and the hits of the television seasons you can enjoy with Glee Karaoke iPhone and iPad.

          With Glee Karaoke can also highlight your vocal qualities, because this application provides real-time information about your performance in order to improve your singing skills. You can even ask for advice to other players around the world that share the user community. If you like to compete, of course you can do with Glee Karaoke and every time you defeat your opponent will get greater number of flashes.

          Interprets the songs, corrects the tone and harmony of voice and reverb added to the songs with Glee Karaoke and then share on Facebook, Twitter and email them.

          Glee Karaoke is not a free application although low cost, like the songs that are loaded into the application.