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Mikolaj Sos Kaminski
Operating Systems

    McPixel is a crazy smatphones adventure game where the protagonist must solve a series of situations on a pixelated world.

    McPixel and the name of the game, is the protagonist of the same name. McPixel will face a number of quite disparate everyday situations, of which you must get away to save the day.

    Just install McPixel on your Android smartphone or iPhone you'll have a gracious warning informs you that gambling addiction can create and the dangers it poses to your brain. The same applies if you prefer to download the application to the iPad.

    McPixel is a tribute to the classic pixelated games of the eighties and nineties, hence its name. It is a satire of the games 8 and 16 bits that have a large number fans worldwide. This game does not miss the satire to politics, literature and cinema. McPixel offers a free lite version and a paying, fuller and with more stages and alternatives.

    McPixel have twenty seconds to solve each of the situations, which have a unique solution, but the end is determined by the choices you make along the entire videogame. It is an illogical game and is divided into the style minigames "choose your own adventure".

    Crazy situations, surreal sequences and hilarious outcomes await you in the game McPixel.