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Minecraft is a sandbox game to perform three-dimensional structures based on cubes.

With Minecraft you can build all kinds of things from cubes, playing alone or in combination with other players. As we advance in the game you can combine blocks to build anything: skyscrapers, windmills, castles, people, monsters, landscapes, aliens? Come on! Whatever you want and more.

Very important! Beware of your constructions, as the night various threats appear in the game, as monsters, it is advisable to identify a refuge for not catch you off guard before spending more time with other construction.

Minecraft has both a free and a paid version and you must have an e-mail to enter the video game web page and install the program.

Minecraft contains music and sound and, most interesting, original author paintings in the graphic environment.

It has a large community of followers, also in English. Another original feature of this video game is that you can find the Museum of Minecraft on its web page, an online section with images of buildings that players do and upload to the web.