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Open Broadcaster Software can broadcast live video, and make video recordings.

With the evolution in telecommunications, and therefore the transmission speed, video streaming has become a way of communication affordable for users with a standard Internet connection. It is not necessary to have a dedicated communication equipment, or a special bandwidth. With a PC, a webcam and an Internet connection, we will be able to broadcast live our GamePlays, conferences or events. We can do that thanks to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), which provides us with the possibility of video recording and broadcast live free of charge.

This program started as a software that only allowed to broadcast live, and after few versions has added the feature to record videos of what happens on PC's screen.

The use of this software has greatly increased in recent years, and this is thanks to the large number of settings available in the program, the addition of new features in each update, the active community that is behind this software and the price, as we have mentioned, is free.

When we start the program, we find ourselves before a screen that can seem a little bleak, but this feeling disappears as we begin to navigate through the configuration menus, and we see all available options to make live broadcasts, as well as for recording videos.

In setup menu we will see these options:

  • Encoder: Here you can choose video and audio codec in which it is going to transmit or record the video. It is important to keep in mind what we'll do; if broadcast live, or video recording. Because if we are going to record a video on the hard disk of the computer, we will be able to choose the highest video and audio quality. But if we are going to broadcast live, we must adjust video and audio quality and bitrate, to match our Internet upload speed.
  • Transmission settings: Here we have two options. Choose “Only save to file”, which will record the video file in the path specified by us, or we can also choose to “live Broadcast”, where we can set up all the parameters needed to make a live broadcast. We will be able to choose from several providers of live broadcast, such as: Twitch, DailyMotion, Youtube,, etc. The program warns us if our configuration is not correct to use in some of the service providers, letting us know which are the parameters that we need to change to be able to broadcast with the selected provider.
  • Video: Here we will select video adapter (graphics card), video resolution, and Frames Per Second (FPS).
  • Audio: In this section, we will select the audio output (speaker) and the input (microphone).
  • In the Advanced section we will be able to set certain parameters to improve the performance of the application. These settings depend on the type of processor and video card available in our PC.

The magic of the software resides in the possibility of creating scenes. These scenes are composed of different sources. For example, a scene can be composed by a windows on the top right that shows our webcam; in the center of the screen will display the video game, and at the bottom, a text stating our twitter or web page. This scene would be composed of three sources: webcam, game window and text. We can create several scenes and changing between them at any time of the broadcast, this will give life to our broadcasts being able to show in every moment the scene that we want.

This program has more options and configurations, we leave to you the task of discovering and enjoying them.

Open Broadcaster Software is exclusively for the Windows operating system, but it is developing a new version, Open Broadcaster Studio Software (OBS Studio), that will be cross-platform and can be run on both Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.