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Operation7 FPS is one of the most entertaining, varied and realistic games.

Operation7 is a first-person shooter game, where all the action happens in order to be the winner of the battle.

In constant tension on the battlefield, Operation7 will make your adrenaline grow in each of the fighting, both for the quality of the graphic environment as sound effects of the program.

You will be able to customize your weapons and build your own weapon as you wish, adding shutters, silencers and different cartridges. Also you will also be able to choose according to your desire the avatar or character, put on different uniforms and equipment to make the realistic experience funniest.

There are many scenarios on Operation7 Alcatraz Island, famous for its legendary prison, subway tunnels, football stadiums and many more spaces to which you can get through a lot of maps.

Despite being a classic shooter game, Operation7 incorporates a system of economic compensation and acquisition experience similar to roll games. The same applies to the weapon editor.

Operation7 is launched directly from the website. Through it you can also reach the large community of followers and the technical game support.

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