Qumana is a no cost application that makes use easier the process to publish your blogs.

With Qumana it is not necessary to be on line to publish the article that you are elaborating. This program allows you to write up and to correct each project without being connected to Internet, and also to publish it later just by pressing a button.

If you maintain more than one blog, Qumana facilitates the administration of each one, and makes you raise posts in a fast and organized way...

Qumana also allows you to insert and to publish the images in a very few steps, with the option of adding a description and of modifying its size if you prefer it.

In addition, the program will allow you to add key words (tags) Technorati and to include advertising announcements. Whenever a visitor clicks in one of those warnings, you will receive money in your account.

With Qumana it is possible to modify old articles and to update them very easily. Its orthographic corrector does not guarantee the perfection, but it helps to have a final text without mistakes.

Qumana it is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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