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          RAR Expander is an application that allows us to obtain the content of any .rar file.

          RAR Expander is a decompressor exclusively thought to work with .rar files.

          With RAR Expander you could even open those files that are protected with a password, since it includes that functionality among its characteristics.

          If you have many .rar files to decompress, RAR Expander offers you the possibility to perform this action in only one time, executing all the files together, and in this way saving time.

          The only thing you have to do after installing the application RAR Expander in your computer is to select the file that you want to expand and choose the folder where you wish to save the extracted files.

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          WinRAR is a classical compression and decompression software that supports .rar files and other formats. File Compression is a mechanism used to reduce file size without data loss. Over the years have erupted many compression and decompression formats. RAR format is...