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If you have ever delete a file by mistake, even from the Windows wastebasket, then Restoration is a great solution for you.

Restoration is very simple handling tool to recover documents and files that were deleted from the wastebasket or from the system, and also from a flash memory that had been already formatted.

Restoration analyzes the system searching for the files that were deleted and informs which of them can be recovered. If you want to look for documents with a determined extension or denomination, you can use the filtrate feature to limit the obtained result.

Besides to recover the deleted documents, Restoration can also be use to delete definitively files from our hard disk. In this last case the files would be recover again only by using a special tool.

Two great advantages of Restoration are that it is free and portable: you do not need to install it for usage and it is so light that you can take it in a USB memory. You will only need to copy the EXE file in the selected folder and to open it.

Restoration is full compatible with FAT and NTFS file systems, and with digital camera memory cards.

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