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SmartPixel captures video and screenshots from PC and includes a video editor.

Every time it's more common to take a screenshot or record what happens on our desktop. Either because we want to record a video of a video game and upload it to Youtube, or because we want to record live webcam images. SmartPixel offers a complete solution for all kinds of screen shots and video post-production.

The most noteworthy features of this software are:

  • Allow us to record gameplays of our favorite games and upload them to Youtube easily, since it is compatible with D3D.
  • Capture videos of what happens on the webcam and apply sound and video filters.
  • Record desktop and at the same time the webcam, this way we can create video tutorials. Our desktop will be recorded and a little window will show our webcam.
  • Take screenshots easily thanks to keyboard shortcuts.

The videos capture uses few resources, so we can record our games or favorite software without fear to affect PC's  performance. We can choose the video recorded quality, ranging from 360p to 1080p (HD quality).

A remarkable feature of SmartPixel is the included video editor, allowing us to make edits in the videos we've recorded. This facilitates the task of uploading a video to Youtube or share on social networks, we can remove and cut unnecessary minutes, add background music, add subtitles, or apply special effects. All these tasks are very easy to apply, and the editing interface is very clean and simple, so we won't have to be video editing professionals to make our videos look great.

This is paid software even though we can use it unlimited without buying any license, but we will have limited functions, as for example the video recording will be limited to 5 minutes and add watermarks both to videos and screenshots.

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