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TeamSpeak is the ideal program to communicate with community members who belong to the communities of which you belong to if what you like are online or network games.

Are you a player fan of network or Internet games who needs to communicate with your partners? Or do you want to be aware of the strategy your opponents use while playing? So, TeamSpeak is the application you need not to lose anything.

TeamSpeak allows you to communicate through a headphone with your fellows while playing and establish strategies to defeat the opponents. You can also talk with your enemies and convince them not to carry out the actions they think of doing. Anything goes with TeamSpeak if what you want is to win!

Once you run the program on your computer, first you have to do is to configure TeamSpeak:

  1. Choose a user with whom identify to within the chat rooms
  2. Adjust the microphone
  3. Check the microphone
  4. Adjust the combination of buttons (keyboard shortcuts) that will help you take action quickly.
  5. Select the sound package, to not lose anything of the conversations
  6. Choose the plugins

Once you start TeamSpeak and enter the lobby, you are ready to communicate with other members connected and start with your association or dissuasion strategy.

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