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Unknown Horizons is a completely free game of strategy and construction in real time, designed in 2d.

In Unknown Horizons the ability to obtain resources, to build settlements and cities, to collect taxis, to manage financial resources of the community and to provide value objects prevails.

If economy is in balance, the community’s welfare will also increase. And this must be achieved with good commercial practices and a successful strategic policy.

As an Unknown Horizons player you will start by possessing a boat and very few resources, in an archipelago. This ship and resources will be your starting point and whit them you will find a rudimentary solution until you progress in the game and gain power.

Others commercial ships go to the city where you land and bring different resources to sell and exchange with inhabitants. This generates prosperity and desires to trade each time, but be careful because you have to manage very well what you buy and sell to obtain stability. Also, in Unknown Horizons are taxes that you have to calculate when you trade.

Thanks to the prosperous trade, the city has become in a big and brilliant major city. For this reason, more and more people want to live there and to make it possibly you have to manage resources very efficiently in order to prevent saturating the economy of the city.

In summary, Unknown Horizons constitutes an exercise for the resource management and economy. It has a pleasant graphical interface in two dimensions, and it is available in English.

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