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Facebook Video is a great application for Facebook social network, which receive users all the time and keeps in a constant and restless movement.

Facebook today is a global phenomenon in which most of humanity has an account on this service, maintaining accounts with several images and videos so that family, friends and entire social circle is involved and spectators of these files.

The ability to download those files published by Facebook users was almost an utopia, but now, thanks to Facebook Video, you can download any video that is uploaded by users of this social network.

Facebook Video may not only offer the benefit of downloading directly from the website to your computer, but also converting the same files to the format you want. It should be noted that this application unfortunately only works with Mozilla Firefox.

When using Facebook Video is also necessary knowing that this tool only works to download videos that have been uploaded by the Facebook users, but not the videos published belonging to sites like YouTube, as these have different programs at the time of downloading.

A tool that adds to the famous social network Facebook, Facebook Video so you can keep your user's favorite videos on your computer disk and in the format you want.