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Movier is a program that allows you uploading and capturing videos from the web, giving you the possibility of downloading videos form any web page that has this kind of files, from famous video sites as YouTube, Daily Motion or Metacafe, since news pages, TV or simply some interesting video from any kind of blog.

With Movier you will be highly beneficiated, not only by having the video that you want to from world wide net, and most of all for one of its main features and qualities: when downloading the video, you won’t have to convert the videos in as easy format for your computer, because Movier will give you the video that you want in AVI format, or the format that you chose and that is better for you.

Another feature that is worth about Movier is that it brings a video searcher that will allow you obtain any video from the net with only putting your name on it and pressing the option download.

To end, when you find a video in which the only good thing is the audio, Movier gives you the great option of storing only the audio in mp3. format.

Quick, simple, easy to use, available to a big web pages list and with the possibility to choose the format, Movier is the program that you need to download your favorite videos from the World Wide Web.