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PDFedit is a tool to edit any document that is not in PDF format.

This format, or PDF, is very highlighted because its feature of not allowing any changes in the files, when you open a PDF file or document, it is like virtual book, that is only changed for who can read or understand it without any possibility of configurations about its letter, image, graphics or its design and esthetics.

PDFedit, is one of the few tool that offers this fabulous service as it is configuring this kind of document. Correcting, adding texts or erasing them, inserting or eliminating images, configuring pages order, or taking or adding pages, are some of the many options offered by PDFedit. The interface used to execute the functions that make it so highlighted is very classic; icons and buttons with several designs identify the several tasks presented by PDFedit.

Executing the functions promised by this tool is simple, you only have to have the document you want to modify opened and the tools will do the job you want to. With the fact of coloring a phrase or word it will be possible to modify or eliminate whatever you want.

With PDFedit, configuring and changing PDF documents it is no longer a dream, unlike, an efficient and comfortable reality, with a very nice handling.

Alternatives to PDFedit

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor


Foxit PDF Editor is a tool to Edit, change and configure any document in PDF file, a file that standouts in general by being almost an “untouchable” format. A lot of time before this tool existed, changing a PDF file...