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SkyDownloader is a program to download music, movies, series, and files in general with BitTorrent.

This world net files contender works in a simple and quick way with a great variety of impressive options. SkyDownloader installation doesn’t take too long and the program won’t occupy too much space in your disk.

The programs offered by this multimedia file download are many, but only a few manage versatility, handling, variety of options and the excellent design presented by this program.

SkyDownloader works through a very attractive, dynamic and visually nice interface. Describing the functions presented in the window of this sophisticated tool would take more than a page. In a few words, all features offered by SkyDownloader can be highlighted as: the bars in the lower part of the window, which indicate the quality level in which the connection is. In the opposite side you will observe the bar to reproduce the videos or audio files.

It mostly works with series of tabs, located on the upper part of its interface, in which you will find the option search, get into the library, listen to the radio or watch TV directly, games and chat room.

With SkyDownloader you can find any kind of multimedia file that is on the net, without mattering about its format. You will also find the divisions by categories about whatever you want to search for, having the facility of changing the “skin” of the program for another who seems more attractive for you.

Finally, the great number of features and options brought by SkyDownloader, highlight it as one of the best tools in its style and also for working on a quick way, without having any complication at all.