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Stunt Rally is a multiplatform and free videogame, where the main characters are rally racing cars.

In Stunt Rally the player must focus on driving the rally car through different sceneries with varied difficulties, as in a live rally race.

Stunt Rally includes numerous tracks located in areas as diverse as deserts, volcanoes, forests, swamps and muddy areas, icy areas, some islands and the sabana. Besides, it has loops and tubes like a sort of “roller coaster” where you must test your courage and your car’s resilience.

There are ten cars available for us to choose our favorite one. Once the model is selected, we can choose its color and apply the saturation and brightness of our choice. In addition to the characteristics set by default in the game, in Stunt Rally you can create your own circuits as the program includes a game Editor.

When the application is launched, the first thing we have to do is to adjust all options, select the track where the race will take place and the rally car we will be driving. Stunt Rally is a multiplayer game therefore at this stage we need to pimp the cars of all four drivers taking part in the initial race.

At the beginning you must also adjust the screen and sound settings and set up the keyboard shortcuts. Special attention must be paid to the scenery options. Stunt Rally allows you to adjust the characteristics of materials, vegetation and shadows among other components, and a correct adjustment of all these features will make you fully enjoy the graphics and the game.

The 3D sharp graphics increase the playability of this game race after race.

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