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Theseus - Return of the Hero is an action arcade type game in two dimensions where the player assumes the role of defender of the planet.

The history of Theseus - Return of the Hero begins when the planet Earth is invaded by aliens. In spite of the resistance offered by humans, the extraterrestrials try to conquer different cities. The only one capable of stopping the invasions is Theseus, i.e. the character that you play inside the game.

Theseus will have to overcome the assigned missions and to complete them he will have to go through different places, like villages, forests, cities and battle sceneries. To upgrade the character in Theseus - Return of the Hero it is necessary to acquire different types of weapons , buy an outfit to be protected, like armours and protectors, and to update its characteristics to make Theseus strong and resistant every time.

The graphs in Theseus - Return of the Hero are very colourful and the commands are easy to understand from the first moment. With an environment in two dimensions and sounds that are suitable for the history, this game will take you to inhospitable ways, cities at war, devastating battles and diverse landscapes, besides climatic adverse conditions.

Theseus - Return of the Hero has two game modes: campaign or survival and it makes possible to begin to play with a low, medium or high difficulty. This game is perfect to spend a good time playing with weapons and lots of action.