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Zamzom wireless network tool is an application dedicated in a special way to wireless nets, which could let us know how many users are connected to our net.

If in any occasion when you are on the internet and the process is very slow, it could possibly be that someone else are using internet with your hired service. To Zamzom wireless network tool is an easy job to know if it is happening or not.

Zamzom wireless network tool is easy to use and to manage, since once installed and executed, he will have only two options to chose, the first one that is by clicking with the mouse in “Fast Scan” that will offer the possibility to know in a simple and easy way if someone is around your net. The other modality is “Deep Scan”, that requires a slower process, that can offer better results.

From now on, with Zamzom wireless network tool it is going to be possible to be sure if your net is being monitored or invaded by non authorized users, since it shows your computer’s IP and the other ones that are connected to your net with theirs respective equipments..